Post Glacial
(past 15,000 years)

Tundra moves 2000 km north, boreal forest and other types move correspondingly.

Bison & caribou on Olympic Peninsula.

Tundra nearly vanishes from Eurasia during Late Xerithermic (8000-3000 BP.), and midwestern deciduous forest changes to prairie, then back to forest.

Proboscideans present in North America until 7500 BP.

Horses present in North America until extinction at 6000 BP, return 500 BP.

Tsuga canadensis nearly vanishes from North America at 4850 BP, recovers by 3000 BP.

A Minnesota hardwood forest (1700 BP), changes to white pine (900 BP), to aspen & birch (600 BP), to mixed hardwoods & pine (100 BP), only hardwoods recruiting since 1940.

Edentates return to North America (armadillo spreads north).