Ongoing Natural Movements.
(Darwin 1859, Thornton 1971, Menard 1974, Mittermeier 1988, etc.)

In 50 years 1100 species cross open water to establish on Krakatoa.

Drift seeds establish disjunct populations thousands of kilometers apart.

Bird translocations of seeds, etc., frequent and long distance (7000 km recorded).

Long distance storm transport of seeds, snails, worms, fish, snakes, frogs, etc. recorded.

Vegetation rafts with 6 - 9 m (20 - 30 ft) standing trees and large animals observed far out at sea.

Boa constrictor large enough to kill sheep lands at St. Vincent on a floating tree.

10% of native New Zealand land birds arrive by natural means in historical times.

Duck banded in Utah found in South Pacific.

North American Birds arrive in Europe yearly.

25 species of birds establish in Greenland since 1930.